Episode 027 - Carlos Rendón's Desk Setup: A Content Creator's Dream Workspace

Episode 027: Carlos Rendón

Carlos Rendón

Content Creator

Name: Carlos Rendón
Location: Spain
Occupation: Content Creator
Room Size:2 x 350
Cost of Setup: Over 8000
Social Media: IG@carlosrendonmus

Product List Item 
Personalized wood desk
Sihoo M18
Custom build
Laptop M1 pro MacBook 16”
Docking Station
Floor Multi Outlet Tower
External Storage
Multiple Drives
iPad Pro 12”
Monitor Arm
ADAM Audio A7V
Headphone OLLO Audio S5X
Logitech MX
Logitech MX Master
Web Camera Integrated
Ambient Lighting
Desk Lamp Ikea
Microphone Heil sound + Audiotechnica AT2050
iPhone 13 Pro Max
Fujifilm XH2
Spigen Duals USB C Wall Charger
MIDI Keyboard Arturia AstroLab + PolyBrute
MIDI Controller Ableton Push 2

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve been a content creator for more than 10 years, obsessed with music and music tech, and I actually work for one of the biggest music tech companies in the world, called Arturia, in the marketing department.

What’s your favorite item on your desk?

My Tone Master Pro from Fender.

What's your desk setup aesthetics?

I like wood, plants, and a mix of earthy colors with black tones.

What niche interest are you up to recently?

I have always been obsessed with tech in general, music tech, and now home redesign and aesthetics.

Any tips for other makers who want to improve their workspaces?

Try to keep it simple. Just have the things that are going to work in favor of you having full concentration on your work, and also try to eliminate everything that is a distraction and is not fulfilling the purpose of inspiring you or making you focus.

Always make changes when you feel it is not working, don’t be scared to readapt things, but try to be consistent.