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Welcome to Hexcal Community

"This is hands down the crème de la crème of desk shelves."

Lee L.
Indianapolis, US
Desk Setup Youtuber

"You've all seen wooden desk shelves or monitor raisers from various brands, I never imagined product like Studio but it just came at the right time."

Product Photographer

"It is one of the first thing people point out when they come in my office.”

Keith K.
Ohio, US

“…so far I love everything on it and I'm not missing anything from it. I compare this to my elegant pc, my sleek apple products, premium backpacks, Tesla.”

Tristan G.
North Carolina, US
Co-Founder, Triad Studio LLC.

“…there are really no competitors to the Hexcal Studio. Other shelves don't have any of the technological features that the Studio has.”

Cam D.
Massachusetts, US
Tech Lover
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