Episode 018 - JC's Filmmaker / Photographer Desk in Makati City, Philippines

Episode 018: JC Gellidon

JC Gellidon

Filmmaker / Photographer

Name: JC Gellidon
Location: Makati City, Philippines
Occupation: Filmmaker / Photographer
Room Size: 30㎡ + 52㎡
Cost of Setup: About $20-30K
Social Media: @jcgellidon
Vimeo: jcgellidon
Unsplash: jcgellidon

Product List  
Custom desk (Made by Manila Maker)
Herman Miller Sayl & Herman Miller Stool (vintage)
Apple Mac Studio Ultra
Apple MacBook Pro 2022 16”
Apple iPad Pro 12.9” M1 1TB
Monitor Benq SWQC 31”
Genelec G Four (pair)
Sennheiser HD650 and Apple Airpod Max
Davinci Resolve Editor Keyboard
Kensington Trackball
External Storage
G Drive and lots of SSD’s and RAID setup
over 500TB
Shure SM7B
Smartphone Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB


RED Gemini 5k, RED Komodo 6k, Leica M6, Mamiya
7, Mamiya RZ67 Pro II and K3 Ultra Super 16mm


Quadlock Wireless Charger / Belkin Boost Charge
Pro 3 in 1


DJI Mavic 3 Cine


Omega Seamaster and Apple Watch Ultra v1

MIDI Keyboard


MIDI Controller

Loupedeck CT
Audio Interface Apogee Symphony

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a nerd. I love tech stuff, I love cameras and gadget and I love shooting photos and videos.

Any tips for other makers who want to improve their workspaces?

Just browse Instagram. There’s a lot of inspirations out there. Make sure to invest a good desk so its gonna support your investment. You get what you pay for.

What does your typical day look like?

I watch Youtube videos to keep me updated, I play online and PS5 to balance everything and then I work.

What's your desk setup aesthetics?

I am not really sure, I like to change my setup once in a while, its never ending. I think I can call my setup a “Beautiful mess”. Hahaha!

What niche interest are you up to recently?

Film photography and cinematography. Camera gear and lenses.

Your advice for beginners getting into Desk Setup.

It’s gonna be expensive. Hahaha! Well ideally you just have to look for a theme and look for a perfect vibe based on your room setup or studio and space. Make sure it’s gonna look good so you feel good while working.