Environmental Responsibility: Seeking for Timeless Sustainability

In a world filled with an overabundance of products, Hexcal, a trailblazing company in the field of sustainable design, is redefining the concept of environmental responsibility. Inspired by the visionary ideology of Clare Brass, former head of SustainRCA and founder of Department 22, the world's leading circular economy consultancy firm, Hexcal has embarked on a mission to create a future where the best product is no product at all.

"I think the best product is there's no product." Clare Brass once famously stated, "There are way too many products that exist on the planet, too many classes, and not durable. Human's requirements forged a consuming admired future, and there's no way to stop it." This notion of a "No Product Future" struck a chord with Hexcal's founder, Edward, during their first conversation in 2015. It ignited a romantic ideal that has since permeated Hexcal's culture, sense of responsibility, and product orientation.

Edward H.Luke, the visionary founder of Hexcal, explains how the concept of a No Product Future aligns with the company's ubiquitous product ambition through circular economy principles. "While it may not be possible to completely eliminate the need for products in human lives, we can strive to reduce that number to 'one.' Hexcal's commitment to a No Product Future is a practical and tangible approach to achieving this goal."

At the heart of Hexcal's design philosophy lies their unique design methodology, Reasoning Design Engineering (RDE). This innovative approach combines ultra-durable engineering, recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, and timeless design principles. All Hexcal product lines adhere to a fundamental law: the minimum is the maximum. Rather than encouraging repetitive purchases, Hexcal aims to create singular, unique pieces that fulfill the majority of consumers' requirements.

Edward further emphasizes the detrimental impact of many products, particularly electronic goods, which he refers to as "electronic tissues." These products may satisfy our immediate desires but end up polluting our environment for generations to come. Hexcal's long-term goal is to inspire society to embrace the No Product Future, not only through material choices and aftercare but also by revolutionizing the very origins of products—design, engineering, and technology.

In Hexcal's view, protecting our Earth, our only home, is not merely an obligation but an opportunity to restore the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the planet we inhabit. By doing so, both can "live long and prosper." Hexcal envisions a future where sustainable practices and responsible consumption become second nature, safeguarding our world for future generations.

As a company committed to environmental responsibility, Hexcal invites individuals, corporations, and communities to join them on this transformative journey towards timeless sustainability. Together, we can build a better future, one that embraces the No Product Future, reduces waste, and paves the way for a harmonious coexistence between humanity and the planet we call home.