Episode 014 - An exquisite and orderly workspace, Shanghai, China

Episode 014: Xing Zhi

Hexcal desk setup 101

Xing Zhi

Finance Professionals

Name: Xing Zhi
Location: Shanghai, China
Occupation: Finance Professionals
Room Size: 2㎡
Cost of Setup: N/A

Hexcal desk setup 101 Hexcal desk setup 101
Product List  
Custom Keyboard Desk
JinHao 801 Deluxe Edition (already closed down, no longer available)
Desk Shelf Hexcal Studio
DIY Carbon Fiber Storage Rack, 
DIY IKEA Stainless Steel Pegboard, 
Walkhike Folding Camping Rack
Streacom DA6XL Assembled Open Frame PC,
Mac Mini modified from Mac Nano
External Storage
UGREEN DX4600 (NAS, software router, switch, and wireless router are hidden behind the desk shelf, making them not visible)
Docking Station
Mediastorm Media Data Center
KTC42、Ehomewei O8 (mounted on the computer chassis for versatility and folding capability)
Monitor Stand
Monitor Mount Light

Desk Mat

Shure MV7
OTD Brass Koala with weight
Rode NT1 Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone
IN14 Nixie Clock
Tissue Box
ZORING PARK Typewriter Tissue Box
Desk Display
TGR Jane CE Backplate, with signatures of the whole team
NQWL Mini Lightbox
Control Panel
TourBox Elite
Marshall Kilburn 2
Hexcal desk setup 101
Hexcal desk setup 101
Hexcal desk setup 101

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a dad with two children and small place to set up a desk.

What do you usually do at your desk?

I usually spend my time at my desk editing photos, creating graphics, and assembling keyboards. Most importantly, I use my desk as a space to relax and clear my mind.

What’s your favorite item on your desk?

My favorite items on my desk are various small collectibles and the Hexcal Studio.

What are some products or software that you frequently use for work or entertainment?

Keyboards, keyboards, and keyboards! The most frequently used software would be Adobe suite.

What niche interest are you up to recently?

Lately, I've been into customizing keyboards. You can see from the pictures that I have many keyboards.

Do you work from home? If so, do you have any tips for a home office setup?

Yes, I work from home. Unfortunately, I have to work late at night when it's quiet.

What's your desk setup aesthetics?

Maximalism, as I only have 1 square meter and I need to fit in with everything I want.

Your advice for beginners getting into Desk Setup.

Go with the style that makes you feel the most comfortable. Your own personal style is the best style.