Freelancing Video Editor Home Office in Guangzhou, China

Episode 001: Ahua



Video Creator and Editor

Location:Guangdong, China
Occupation:Freelance Video Creator and Editor
Room Size:250 sqft
Cost of Setup:$5500 USD
Social Media:N/A

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Product List  
Desk Customized Standing Desk
Desk Shelf Hexcal Studio
Laptop Apple Mac Book Pro 2018
- Laptop Stand Twelve South Laptop Stand
Chair Sihoo Doro S500
Storage Gstandard Cabinet
Monitor LG 29" Ultrawide
 - Monitor Mount Hexcal Single Monitor Arm
 - Monitor Light Bar Baseus Monitor Light Bar
Speaker trettitre TreSound/MIFA Camping Lantern Speaker
Headphone Apple AirPods Pro
Keyboard Lofree 1% transparent 65% keyboard
Mouse Logitech MX Master 2S
Desk Mat/Mouse Pad Hexcal Desk Mat Bundle
Tablet Apple iPad mini 6
Smartphone  Apple iPhone 12 Pro, OnePlus Ace 2 Pro
Camera Sony a7c2

What do you usually do at your desk?

Being a video creator and editor, my daily routine revolves around working at my desk. I spend most of my time editing videos and pictures, but I also make sure to take breaks to enjoy some music, movies, and even play video games. It helps keep my mind fresh and focused.

What’s your favourite item on your desk?

Hexcal Studio strikes the perfect balance between form and function. It's like a funky blend of style and substance, with a sleek design that's oh-so-minimal. And hey, it does wonders for keeping your work desktop spick and span, so you can keep those creative juices flowing!

Do you work from home? If so, what are some tips for Working From Home ?

When setting up your desk, keep it simple and efficient. But hey, when those late night work sessions roll around, embrace the productivity and focus that comes with it! Just remember, burning the midnight oil isn't always the best choice for your health. Take care of yourself, buddy!

When did you start to pay attention to your desk setup?

It was around 2021 when I got hooked on the whole desk setup thing. It all began with me stumbling upon countless tech and desk setup reviews on platforms like Youtube. After that, there was no turning back—I had to spruce up my own setup!

What's your desk setup aesthetics?

A dash of black and white with a hint of green. Initially, the desktop rocked a black and white minimalistic vibe, but then I jazzed it up by introducing some wooden accents and throwing in some green plants for good measure. Now it's got a cozy, warm feel to it!