A Photographer & Content Creator's Desk, Haiti

Episode 006: Woodley Lozamma

Woodley Lozamma

Photographer & Content Creator

Name: Woodley Lozamma
Location: Haiti
Occupation: Photographer & Content Creator
Room Size: 8 ft x 10 ft
Cost of Setup: $10k
Social Media: @woodley.lozamma

Product List  
Desk Vivo desk Frame / DIY Table top
Desk Shelf DIY shelf
Laptop Macbook Pro 16” M2 Max
Docking Station Caldigit TS3+
External Storage Sandisk SSD 2tb (3) 4tb (2)
Monitor LG ergo, 32”, LG Ergo 27”
Monitor Mount Vivo Single Monitor Mount
Speaker Iloud Speaker
Headphone Audio Technica
Keyboard Logitech Mechanical Mini
Mouse Logitech Mx Master 3
Desk Mat/Mouse Pad Hexcal Desk Mat Bundle
Web Camera Poly Studio 5
Microphone Deity D3 Pro
Ambient Light Nanlite Litolite 5c
Smartphone iPhone 15 Pro Max | Samsung S21+
Camera Canon R3, R6, BMPCC 6k Pro
Drone  DJI Mavic 3 Pro
Watch Apple Watch Series 5

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm a photographer Specializing in fashion and commercial photography based in Haïti. With more than 5 years of experience in the business, I worked with many advertising companies in the country and internationally. My style is known for being sleek, simple and modern, and he always strives to capture the essence of the brand or campaign he is photographing. I enjoy working with professional models and brands to create images that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective for advertising campaigns. Outside of work, I am also passionate about tech product photography and music.

What’s your favorite item on your desk?

My Laptop, I can take it everywhere to get work done.

What books, blogs, or podcasts recently caught your attention?

Podcast: Deep Dive podcast by Ali Abdaal.

Any tips for other makers who want to improve their workspaces?

Identify your identity, what really makes you feel good.

What does your typical day look like?

On a typical day, I go to my day job and, after returning home, I dedicate time to working on my personal branding.

When did you start to work on your desk setup?

it's been more than 4 years now.

What's your desk setup aesthetics?


What niche interest are you up to recently?

Tech Content, Car.

Your advice for beginners getting into Desk Setup.

Make small Steph and do things you love.